– Free Coupon Code – Hardee’s Survey – TellHappyStar Hardee’s was a company that offered $1,000 vouchers or gift cards to repeat customers. A large American chain conducted an online survey and found that this company has the best dinner service in the nation. – Free Coupon Code – Hardee’s Survey

The company is doing this survey to get insight into the wants and desires of its customers despite its considerable notoriety.

When requested to do a survey, what you should do.

The site itself explains how to conduct a survey: To continue, please go to the site’s official homepage,, and then click Next.

A receipt is only available when a single transaction is made at this restaurant. After that, you may finish the survey in whichever language you like.

After that, enter the agency number from the receipt, choose the day and time of your appointment, and last, enter your age.

Then, before answering the question about the client’s satisfaction, you should evaluate the satisfaction factor that was presented.

The eatery will then give you a bonus and take you to the next screen. At the conclusion of the survey, you will be offered a discount voucher that may be used on a subsequent purchase of the item.

Profits and Awards

There is a broad range of prizes up for grabs after completing the survey at this eatery. As an example, completing the survey might get you a free lunch, and providing a quick quote is essential. Any kind of incentive, such as a free meal or a buy-one-get-one discount, is appreciated.

You’ll get a validation code on your next visit that will unlock the aforementioned printed offer. You might potentially get a voucher for a discounted meal at Hardee’s.


  • Please read the following rules and requirements carefully before commencing a survey.
  • It would be beneficial if you could communicate in English or Spanish.
  • A computer or other electronic device with internet connection is required to complete the survey.
  • The minimum age to enter the restaurant is 18.
  • A receipt for the survey invitation is also required for entry.
  • No one associated with the restaurant (including sponsors and employees) is permitted to dine or do homework there.
  • There is no way to get a refund here.
  • There will be a limit of one request per person.

Business Description

Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s, two American fast food franchises, are owned by the same company. Carl Karcher and his wife Margaret opened the first Carl’s Jr. restaurant in 1941, and since then the chain has grown to over a thousand sites throughout the United States and franchisees in 28 more countries.

The first establishment to bear this name debuted in 1960, and its numerous well-known owners are all responsible for its success. Roughly 1,400 Hardee’s restaurants may be found throughout the USA.

You may redeem the offer printed on the back of your Carl’s Jr. or Hardee’s receipt by completing the survey at this location and obtaining a validation number.

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Everything you need to know to complete the survey is here in this post. So, I’m crossing my fingers that this article will help you easily complete the survey and get the discount code you need to take advantage of some fantastic free offers.

If you are unhappy with the restaurant and want the company to change its course, you are free to say so. FAQs

  • Is there a particular reason why this restaurant must play host to the survey?

Answer: In an effort to better serve its customers, Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. want their patrons to feel safe providing candid comments. Thus, the major benefit of doing a survey at this restaurant is the opportunity to get free meals.

  • Who was the pioneer in introducing Carl Jr.

Answer: After five years of saving, the Karchers invest in their first business venture: a hot dog cart. Booming sales allow Carl to launch the first two Carl’s Jr. locations.

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